Ten Best Spinning Reel Under 100 in 2017

It is always essential to equip yourself with the best spinning reel for a great angling experience in both saltwater and freshwater. The quality of a spinning reel is determined by a whole range of factors. Spinning reels are also available in a wide range of prices. If you want to get the best spinning reel under 100, you are lucky because this is the right place for you.

It is an essential thing for anglers to get themselves something that suits their needs. Therefore, I have prepared well-researched and analyzed reviews of some of the best spinning reels available in the market.

The information here will help any potential spinning reel buyer know where to start when looking for the best of the best of these products. A good spinning reel should serve more than its purposes by ensuring the user gets more satisfaction from all angles.

That is why it is necessary to have a strong spinning reel that can be adamant to the surrounding environment anytime any day. Enjoy reading our reviews and guide of the best pocket-friendly spinning that rock the market currently.

Why You Need a Spinning Reel

  • Spinning reels ensure that the big catch you get does not escape but gets brought back home in one piece.
  • The use of a spinning reel is an advanced method of angling which makes the process easier and less strenuous.
  • A spinning reel ensures you catch the right type of fish that you desire.
  • Using a spinning reel is more effective regarding the general percentage of production.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Spinning Reel Under 100

As we are all aware, each person always has some certain expectations of a product before they go ahead to purchase it and it is those personal expectations which will influence that particular individual into purchasing a certain product.

Statistics have proven that three out of four potential buyers of products tend to go with the assumption mentioned above. The spinning reels fall in the same calibre. There are general expectations which exist across the board such as;


When it comes the price, your wallet will make the final decision whether you are buying or not. The price of a spinning reel is essential since it will get to determine the rate at which the product will make sales. On customer basis, the price is important since each works on a budget and the mentality that the price will have to equals the value of the spinning reel is purported to bring.

Colour and Design

Spinning reels are available in a variety of colors from bright to dark colors. As for the design what is required is for it to perform the designated job with much efficiency and effectiveness. The better the design, the higher the performance rate and also to some extent smooth maintenance. When it comes to the spinning reel design, you choose your favourite style. You should choose what you feel comfortable with.


Different spinning reels are made from different materials. Each material has a unique strength that sets it apart from other materials, and that gives it a competitive edge over its counterparts. The quality and nature of the material in some way affects the lifespan of the product. Some spinning reels are made from aluminum which is known to be resistant to certain elements in the environment.

Specific Use

Each spinning reel has a specific use that its designed to serve. You should remember that there are saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. Therefore, there exist different spinning reels which operate in the two different environments highlighted. It is important to note where the spinning reels will be used. Freshwater reels might not perform very well in saltwater because they might be corroded. Saltwater reels are made of non-corrosive materials.

10 Best Spinning Reel Under 100

Highlighted below is a list of the best products in the world of spinning reels. Surprisingly the best of the best have managed to surpass the price barrier. It is the quality that makes a spinning reel be at the top and not matters concerning the price.

1. Kast King Mako Spinning Reel

KastKing Mako Spinning Reel

The Kast King Mako Spinning Reel guarantees a great fishing experience. It has a unique design which ensures performance as at the topmost pinnacle. The design ensures a solid feel and smooth action.

The main motive of such like a design is to prevent the user’s fishing line from spilling down onto the spool skirt. Hence it eliminates loops and time wasting tangles. For its fantastic fishing exhibition, the Kast King Mako spinning reel is fitted with a lower gear ratio with a quick line retrieve (36′ per turn).

Apart from the design which seems to embark on enhancing positive performance, there are also other features which in some way are present to prevent the spinning reel from spoiling.

For instance, the Kast King Mako Spinning Reel gets amazing smoothness from 8 stainless steel shielded ball bearings plus one instant stop anti-reverse for rock solid hook sets.

The Kast King Spinning Reel is made of formidable features which unite together to make it strong and durable. The spinning reel is made from aluminum which is corrosion resistant,and the material contributes to the reel’s long-lasting nature.

Highlighted Features

  1. Has a black and silver color finish with a right hand or left-hand reversible CNC machined aluminum handle
  2. Revolutionary design rotor brushes prevents the line from dropping down onto the spool skirt during retrieve
  3. A rock solid feel is achieved by a beefy metal reel foot made from aero-grade aluminum alloy and a deep aluminum
  4. It reduces snarls and loops for a more pleasant fishing experience
  5. The new Mako fast retrieve spinning reel by KastKing has a powerful 5. 1: 1 gear ratio yet gives you an impressive line retrieve rate for its size.
  6. Beefy metal reel foot that’s made from the aero-grade aluminium alloy
  7. Deep aluminium spool gives it a rock solid feel 

2. Piscifun Starry Spinning Reel


Piscifun Starry Spinning Reel Technology is the core foundation of the Piscifun starry spinning reel. Every feature has been created in such a way that the performance of the spinning reel is ever at the top come what may.

The most crucial feature which is the body is made up aluminum which is rigid enough and helps the Piscifun starry spinning reel to be durable. For the Piscifun starry spinning reel to last longer, it is corrosion resistant courtesy of the six high-grade stainless steel bearings plus one roller bearing.

A unique aspect about this reel is that it is available at a lower price than other reels which are considered to be on the same performance level as it. Accuracy engineering, sleek design and cutting edge performance make up the piscifun starry spinning reel which is more powerful.  We must note that the piscifun starry spinning reel is specifically designed for freshwater.

Highlighted Features

  1. Smooth, consistent drag pressure is ensured by a carbon drag system which works throughout the entire drag setting, durable bail system, and lightweight carbon handle with EVA knobs for superior ergonomics.
  2. For increased corrosion protection the pitiful starry spinning reel was further fitted with a main shaft and components.
  3. The spinning reel also has an excellent slow line lay oscillation system which offers better control no matter what type of line the angler is using.
  4. The angler can control big fish with smooth, consistent pressure courtesy of 6 – washer, carbon fiber drag system

3.Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder Spinning Reel


Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

Okuma is a top fishing reel brand in the United States and provides great and affordable fishing reels to anglers. The Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder Spinning Reel is a perfect selection for anglers who do not want to spend a lot of money on a spinning reel, without compromising on quality.

It is designed with high-quality materials to provide you with durability and a nice performance as you go about fishing experience.

This spinning reel has been tested for quality and reliability, and it is a top recommendation by top fishing professionals all over the world.

It is lightweight so that you will experience an easy time handling the reel. The reel is also designed with a corrosion resistant body that makes it perfect for use in saltwater bodies.

Highlighted Features

  1. Lightweight design
  2. Dual force drag system
  3. Patented on and off auto-trip bait feeding system
  4. Graphite components
  5. Made with high-quality materials
  6. Tested for quality and reliability

4.Quantum Accurist PTI Spinning Reel


Quantum Accurist PTi Spinning Reel AC25PTIA

The quantum Accurist PTI spinning reel offers quality performance at a stunningly affordable price. The quantum spinning reel has a strong continuous anti-reverse for solid hook sets. It has eight bearing drive which offers smooth performance.

On that note, we must further note that the quantum pt bearings are made of top grade stainless steel and safeguarded with corrosion blocking polymer cages.

From this, it is evident that the manufacturers of the quantum Accurist PTI spinning reel intended for it to last for longer while still in good shape as though it is new.

Still, on the bearings, they have been customized in such a way that even after heavy use the bearings give a smooth an operation with consistent performance.

Another worthy feature is installation of the heat shedding ceramic washers which always ensure that the Quantum Accurist PTI spinning reel stays cool.

Highlighted Features

  1. The Quantum spinning reel has a frame made of aluminium which is strong, and it also has gear side cover.
  2. The design of the Quantum spinning reel is more than perfect for example it consists of a hybrid razor rotor design.
  3. There exists a double anodized maxcast 2 spool.
  4. The Quantum Accurist Spinning reel has 8 Quantum PT bearings, ceramic multi-disc drag, NI-TI indestructible ball system

5.Daiwa, Mini System Minispin Ultralight, Spinning Reel


Daiwa Mini System

For this type of spinning reel, the design and outlook is a compact one which just signifies that the Daiwa Mini system mini spin ultra light can easily be used since it has almost no complications. 

The compact design makes highly portable, and it can fit almost anywhere from being fitted in a car easily to strapping it to a backpack. Another advantage of its unique design the Daiwa Mini is that it can easily be stored.

The storage space is a durable hard case which has built in compartments for more organized storage. The Daiwa Mini System Mini Spin Ultralight Spinning Reelalso has aultra-light ms-s500t reel that consists of smooth, ball bearing drive, multi-disc drag, fast 5.1- to – 1 retrieve.

Clearly, from the outlook, we can be able to tell that this type of spinning reel is one which handles lighter and less strenuous work. The Daiwa Mini System Mini Spin Ultralight Spinning Reel has very few features since it’s something small.

Highlighted Features

  1. The ultra-compact hard case has built-in tackle compartments.
  2. Matching 4 ½ foot, five-piece ultralight rod for 2-6 lb.
  3. The compact mechanism makes it always to be at the ready for transportation.
  4. There is an ultra-light reel with smooth, ball bearing drive, multi-disc drag.

6.Shimano symmetry RJ spinning reel


Shimano Symetre RJ Spinning Reel

I would suggest this spinning reel for those anglers looking for something complete in terms of all aspects. Something that is well organized with almost no shortfalls.

Self-maintenance is the primary focus of the Shimano Symetre RJ spinning reel. For instance, this spinning reel has been fitted with an internal maintenance port.

To make work easier and things more efficient the Shimano Symetre spinning reel has a machined aluminium handle.

It is diligent to note that the Shimano Symetre RJ spinning reel was designed and mechanized to operate in salty water. Other important and unique aspects include a fitted floating shaft with a Dyna balance. There is also a redesigned bail wire trip to make it more effective.

Highlighted Features

  1. The aluminium frame is strong but also at the same time made to be lightweight which lessens the burden on the angler.
  2. For strong and firm grip the Shimano Symetre RJ spinning reel has rubber handle grips.
  3. On the generality, we must acknowledge the fitted propulsion line management system.
  4. The Shimano SymetreRJ spinning reel prefers slow oscillation.

7.Piscifun Rapid Baitcaster Reels


Shimano Symetre RJ Spinning Reel

We all have a budget when it comes to buying the best fishing reels. The fact that you spend your money buying a lower priced spinning reel doesn’t mean poor quality. With an affordable fishing reel like the Piscifun Rapid Baitcaster Reels, you can still get the best fishing experience.

The reel brags of a high strength aluminium alloy frame that makes it durable. This gives you a long lasting performance when fishing.

Additionally, the reel is designed with super strong Zn-Al alloy gears that make it long-lasting so it can handle even the toughest conditions.

It is also designed with a corrosion resistant instant anti-reverse ball bearing that ensures your real doesn’t not wear out as a result of corrosion.

Highlighted Features

  1. Aluminium alloy frame for durability
  2. Corrosion protection
  3. Strong Zn-Al alloy gears
  4. Ergonomic design

8.Okuma fishing tackle RTX spinning reel


Okuma Fishing Tackle RTX

We all have a budget when it comes to buying the best fishing reels. The fact that you spend your money buying a lower priced spinning reel doesn’t mean poor quality. With an affordable fishing reel like the Piscifun Rapid Baitcaster Reels, you can still get the best fishing experience.

The Okuma fishing tackle RTX spinning reel is both very versatile and reliable, thanks to its state of the art design and ability. The Okuma spinning reel offers long-strand carbon fiber framing and premium aluminum gears at less than 100 MSRP.

Unlike most other spinning reels the Okuma Fishing TackleRTX Spinning Reel is ultra-light and ultra-powerful which makes it more familiar with anglers because their angling experience is always one to remember.

Concerning performance in catching fish and ease of use, I would rate the Okuma fishing tackle RTX spinning reel as the best. The manufacturers focused on ensuring the angler will always be comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Another unique aspect about this spinning reel is that it was designed majorly for freshwater use, but you can also use it in light inshore saltwater. The gearing system incorporates an anodized aluminum main gear, oscillation gear, and slider.

Highlighted Features

  1. Lightweight C-40 X carbon frame, rotor, and sideplate
  2. 7BB+1RB stainless steel ball bearings
  3. Long-strand carbon fiber framing
  4. Premium aluminum gears
  5. The Okuma spinning reel is fitted with a brass pinion gear which is maintained to provide for exceptionally smooth gear meshing and fluid performance overall.
  6. The material used to make the Okuma fishing tackle RTX spinning reel is tougher than other materials and makes it corrosion resistant.
  7. The Okuma spinning reel has seven ball stainless steel ball bearings.

9.Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel


With any fishing reel from Okuma, expect to have the best fish catching experience in whatever kind of water you do your angling. This Trio Speed fishing reel has a unique crossover construction with aluminum and graphite hybrid body to provide the angler with an easy time on the waters. It features Hybrid spool design with aluminum lip and graphite arbor.

The reel is designed to provide great strength for more precise and accurate fishing performance. If you are looking to catch big fish like Tuna and the likes, you can always count on this reel. It enjoys the capacity to handle heavier fish because of its rotor arm that is combined with the lightweight graphite sideplates to add to its overall strength.

Besides, this spinning reel incorporates the surfaces of the spool so that it maximizes high-end drag pressure, overall efficiency, and smoothness. Its spool works in such a ways that it keeps the drag in the alumina chamber, which makes the spinning reel stable, hence giving you a smooth performance.


Highlighted Features

  1. 10BB+1RB stainless steel bearings
  2. It features Precision Dual-force Drag System
  3. Crossover aluminum with graphite hybrid rotor and body
  4. Hybrid spool design
  5. Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing
  6. Great construction for durability
  7. Lightweight components
  8. High strength fishing reel spool provides stability and smoothness

10.KastKing Triton Dualis Revolutionary Two-speed Spinning Reel


KastKing Triton Dualis

With all other factors kept constant, this is the most pocket-friendly spinning reel of all, and many anglers seem to give it thumbs up because of its excellent performance in the water. It offers dependable functionality and lasts longer even with constant use.

The designers of the KastKing Triton Dualis spinning reel wanted to give you a spinning reel that can handle serious angling without losing its grip as far as performance in concerned. This spinning reel is for anglers who would like to have a live liner reel for live fishing bait or drifting cut bait in the current. So get ready for the great experience if you are one of them.

The reel incorporates various features/which make it even more than perfect. One such feature is the high-speed gear ratio that is perfect for burning lures in the water at a high speed that turns the fish away.

The spinning reel has auto-return features corrosion resistant components for effective saltwater fishing. Even when you use the reel daily, you are assured of the best performance and durability. What else does an angling enthusiast need if not something as cool as this?

Highlighted Features

  1. Stainless steel main shaft
  2. Aluminum alloy spool and handle
  3. Corrosion resistant components
  4. There is a special spinning fishing reel with classic front and rear drag function for who wants a superior quality for inshore and offshore bait spin fishing.
  5. This spinning reel features ten stainless steel ball bearings that work with the anti-reverse mechanism for high-rated performance
  6. To enhance performance, technology has been incorporated into the infinite anti-reverse structure computerized balanced rotor for wobble.
  7. Because it operates in saltwater the spinning reel has a high strength high modulus corrosion free graphite body.
  8. High-speed gear ratio

Final Words

Once you find the right spinning reel, you will enjoy every bit of your fishing experience. Moreover, your chances of catching fish will be heightened a great deal.

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to acquire a top quality spinning reel. With any of these spinning reels under 100, you can be sure of an incredible fishing experience.

All of the highlighted features have the potential of being of great service to potential anglers. The features are incredible and work toward propelling the spinning reel to great performance without much hustle on the side of the angler.


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